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During our 5 years of creating CD-ROM presentations for our clients' Sales and Marketing Campaigns, we have determined the layout that generates the highest response. This layout (or timeline) is seen here:

Why is content important?

Currently, most businesses utilize CD's as mere storage devices. They fail to realize the impressive impact of self-launching interactive presentations. Companies routinely limit their only form of professional content delivery to Power Point Presentations and print.

Utilizing CD's for data storage forces the user to navigate through their desktop to locate the files. The user also has to have all programs installed on their computer to launch the application. If they don't have the program, they are instructed to go find it and install the foreign program on their computer. Another version of CD storage installs the program onto one's C-drive automatically. Users usually react with annoyance to anything "left" on their computer after a presentation.

In comparison to data storage, the ease of use of self-contained presentations is dramatic. No searching is required and the CD self-launches into the presentation. Any instruction needed after the launch is in clear interactive form. Also, Vision Stream Studios codes the CD so that no extraneous software is needed to view the presentation. All software is included on the CD, so the presentation is self-contained and nothing is "installed" or "left on" the viewer's computer.

Interactive CD presentations provide increased attention and retention, better tracking opportunities and increased length of time the viewer spends with your presentation. "97% of CD's that are handed out will be watched at some point" (Wharton School of Business.)

Put your existing video on a Self-Launching CD. It appears on a single color background inside a rectangle. And includes a link to your website, if desired. $645 for under 4 minutes. (Under 12 minutes: $845)

$645 for a master. (Some restrictions apply: such as BizCards can only hold 40 to 50 MB - if your site is larger, we can duplicate onto Mini-CD's or CD-Rom's.)

Includes a budget version of Sections 3 and 4 only. We customize an opening with your logo, up to 5 photos, music, a 15-second voice over and end with your business card for only $1,600.

Includes Sections 3 and 4. A custom 30-sec intro presentation (with voice-over) ending with a graphic business card: $2,700 for a master. We suggest including video (the CEO, president, or etc. or a host at cost): Section 2 - for an additional $1,000. Section 1 - all testimonials videotaped at same location in the same 4 hour period: $1,000 (both 1 and 2 for an additional $1,500)

Brochure on a CD. Includes Sections 1-5 with video for testimonials, etc. This piece is the most extensive and gets the highest response rates. Including video taping, development, etc., the cost is $8,000 and up for the master.

...And any Combination or Desire in Between

Not included in the above price: tax, shipping and duplications. Duplications are additional based on quantity. See price lists. We can design labels for you or accept design (and film) from your graphic house.

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