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Vision Stream Studios produces CD-Rom Content, Your Website on a CD, DVD, Video-to-CD, Duplications, PowerPoint and more. DOWNLOAD art templates HERE.

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These self-launching business card-size CD’s are played in a computer and provide an interactive combination of graphics, animation, photos, and audio & video information. “BizCards” (and Mini CD’s) are fully functional CD-ROM’s in a custom size. Imagine the impact in the hands of your sales team or business contacts as they view a self-contained presentation that can include text, your website, PowerPoint presentations, streaming audio/video, photos, data, charts and graphs - anything that works on a full-size CD-ROM.

  • Business Cards
  • Mini-Brochure
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Trade Show Hand-Out
  • Sales Leave-Behind
  • Grand Openings
  • Press Releases
  • Testimonial
  • Direct Mail
  • Product Launch
  • Power Point Shows
  • Events
  • Product Launch
  • Client
  • Attention Grabber
  • Reference Letter

Vision Stream Studios are CONTENT developers/producers and duplicators.
These are quoted separately. Just as in printing and video, a master is produced and then duplicated. Content varies widely and is only limited by your imagination!

Below are the most cost effective methods for quick, easy, low-cost opportunities to utilize the power of interactive CD-ROM's.


Your Brochure
Your Website
Print Ads
Promo Videos
Press Releases

Let Vision Stream Studios combine your current marketing and sales material into a powerful, effective, interactive presentation on CD-ROM!

Vision Stream Studios can create your presentation from scratch or from existing materials or a combination of both!

We'll put your PowerPoint® on a CD, make it Self-Launching and add a viewer so that the user doesn't need Power Point on their computer at all! All for under $100!


Put your existing video on CD!
Starting at only $300!
Add interactivity!
For under $800 you can make your video "interactive" so viewers click on what they want to see!

Send me a free sample of Interactive Video!

You can put your entire website on a CD for only $645

Puts YOUR website on a CD!
Self-Launching in a Custom Browser with YOUR own logo!

(Please provide your website functioning on a CD-Rom and your logo in .ai or .psd with transparent background.)

The ease of use of self-contained presentations is dramatic. It's fun to play with. No searching is required and the CD self-launches into the presentation. Also, Vision Stream Studios codes the CD so that no extraneous software is needed to view the presentation. All software is included on the CD, so the presentation is self-contained and nothing is "installed" or "left on" the viewer's computer.

Interactive CD presentations provide increased attention and retention, better tracking opportunities and increased length of time the viewer spends with your presentation. "97% of CD's that are handed out will be watched at some point" (Wharton School of Business.)

  • Increased information retention: Studies show that written materials yield only 20% information retention. When audio and visual is combined, the information retention is boosted to 50%. Interactive multimedia delivers 70% information retention.
  • Lower distribution cost: Lighter means less postage and CD's are less expensive per unit than videotape or full-size brochures.
  • Increased motivation: With interactive multimedia, audience motivation increases and learning becomes a productive endeavor, not a chore.
  • Self-Paced: Users have individual needs and interests, spending more time on some topics, less on others. This provides less pressure, less opportunity for distraction, and higher interest levels.
  • Available on Demand: Users can utilize the CD when it's convenient to them - resulting in reduced frustration and higher attention levels. Available on demand also means financial savings - a salesman or trainer on a disc!
  • Consistency and Control: All presentations have identical quality of information, presentation, reliability and professionalism, so there is certainty of consistency and message.
  • Digital Media: Because presentations are programmed digitally, changes to information are extremely easy and cost effective.
  • Technical Savvy: Presentations on CD-ROM show that the company is state-of-the-art and demonstrates technical savvy.

COMPUTER vs. VCR: If you were to walk into any company in the US, you would probably find one television and VCR in the conference room, and more than likely 10 our more computers with CD-ROM drives. The math is simple, more computers means increased opportunity for your video to be watched.

IT'S EASY: Perhaps you already have a video, but potential clients aren't interest in watching it. Let Vision Steam Studios take your existing video and digitize it to a CD. Thereby giving you increased presentation flexibility and "More Bang for Your Buck"!

INTERACTIVE: Video continues to be an important presentation tool, however it is very limiting in its linear form. Meaning it plays in a straight line from beginning to end. Incorporate that same video into an interactive CD, and the viewer can select topics of interest to view instead on sitting through the entire presentation. If the viewer wants to review a topic, simply click a button.

YOU CAN'T PRINT FROM VIDEOTAPE: Of course not, but you can from a CD. Vision Stream Studios incorporates all the necessary software, which enables the viewer to print documents ("PDF" Files) directly from the disc. Print diagrams and drawings, photos, white pages, reports, graphs, charts, etc.

CD vs. VIDEOTAPE (SIMPLE MATH): You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. CD duplication costs less than videotape duplications. And CD's are less to mail! $.34 cents to mail a CD versus $1.49 for a video tape.

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