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Why do you need video?!

Do your clients trust your company? Would they if they could listen and watch you speak to them? Probably a lot more. See, people trust more when they can watch you speak. Testimonials are essential, yes. But trust is even more ESSENTIAL. And video instills trust... let's clarify, WELL DONE video instills trust.

People watch more than they read

Tests have shown that 79% of people don't read, they just skim your website copy. 70% of internet users watch online videos, and that has been the major reason why YouTube has become the #2 Online Search Engine in the world, with over 1 billion visitors…

52 seconds: Average number of seconds a visitor will stay on your website without video.
6 MINUTES: Average number of MINUTES that a person will stay on a site that does have video.
(According to CISCO, a leading Technology Research and Statistics company.)

Vision Stream Studios has won numerous awards for video and television production. We can take your target goals and create the video that gets results! Our staff is known for script-to-screen excellence. We can handle the entire production or a-la-carte.

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Vision Stream Studios has experience in:
  • Sales & Marketing Videos
  • Info-tainment
  • News
  • Company Profiles
  • Corporate Communications
  • B-to-B
  • Testimonials
  • Training
  • Recruiting
  • Education
  • Retail Videos (How-to's, Exercise, Children's Educational, etc.)
  • Translations
  • VR Technology (3D Virtual Imaging)
  • And More

We have experienced producers, directors, talent, scriptwriters, animators, camera operators, narrators, editors, programmers - any production staff required.

You may have found the creative process can seems ambiguous - not with Vision Stream Studios. We have developed a method to insure clarity through out the production process. No hidden costs. No surprise charges. We stand by our quotations.

Maximize your Dollars: Put Existing Projects on the Web

Vision Stream Studios has won numerous awards for video and television production. After creating a high-quality presentation, it can then be digitized and put on the web. Your CD-ROM presentations, client testimonials, TV commercials, stockholders reports, marketing pieces, new product demos and more can be archived on the Internet for your customers to review or employees to utilize. The Internet is also extremely useful for consistent world wide training.

TV/Video vs. Internet: Taping and Editing

The very element that makes television and video exciting is the heart of one of the largest problems in video streaming with current technology. Fast paced images, lots of movement and interesting angles make video and television entertaining no matter what the message. But all that information is very hard on a computer because it's the CHANGES in a picture that make it more complicated to your system...and more difficult for your computer to clarify. Until higher bandwidth for everyone and better file compression for streaming becomes available - the only way to get clear video on the web is to SHOOT AND EDIT FOR THE WEB.

Vision Stream Studios cost effectively takes your video or television projects and utilizes your existing materials and re-edits for the Internet. When we videotape or film, we optimize the opportunity through capturing the necessary footage needed for web purposes as well.

Economy Videotaping & Editing
Training Video

Economy Videotaping & Editing
Training Video

Economy Videotaping & Editing
Economy Videotaping & Editing

New Product Demo
New Product Demo

Video Testimonials
Video Testimonials

Pilot Walker
Pilot Walker
Event Coverage
Event Coverage

Safety Video

Sportsbroadcasting Seminar

WDEL Commercial
Product Sales
Product Sales

Company Holiday Video
Company Holiday Video

"The video went over great! Thanks!"
Charles W. Tomlinson, Jr
Director of Marketing & Business Dev.
Winner Automotive Group

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